The Spyrals – Clouds

I found this band on a year or so ago, and they haven’t left my rotation since. They seem to be in love with EPs, so getting five songs all at once is a major event. I downloaded this new album from Bandcamp this morning and haven’t put it down yet. Something about The Spyrals’ sound just does it for me, and I particularly like the first track, Black Clouds. I’m gonna wear this set out till I hate it, I can already tell.


I love the days when you wake up and your drive and motivation practically levitate you off the bed and into the shower, where your thoughts and prayers and hopes for the day flow just as easily as the hot water down your back, and the pep in your step lasts the whole day long, to the point that everyone around you more than notices, they’re invigorated and feed off your vitality. And then, when it’s all over and you’re placing your head back on your pillow for another night of slumber, your reflection on the day is a stream of tasks accomplished and smiles created, and the last thing you feel is peace and tranquility and your last thought is, “I matter.”

Today was not that day.

The Question

I’ve been knocking around a question in my head over the last two weeks or so. The question is this:

If I had all the time and money in the world, what would I do?

Meaning, what kind of profession/vocation would I do just for purpose and meaning and self-satisfaction? What work would I do for free?

After two weeks of sometimes active/sometimes passive pondering, I’ve come to this answer:

I don’t know.

And I sincerely believe that discerning the answer to that question is imperative to me discovering my true calling and my true happiness (and, more than likely, my true prosperity.)

I’ll let you know when I figure it out. But I don’t think the answer is too far away. In fact, I think it’s right here.

My three favorite words.

  1. Hobo
  2. Lube
  3. Shart

Honorable Mention: Cankle

May The WTF Be With You

It occurred to me this morning in the shower (where I do my most dangerous thinking) that Star Wars is a terribly boring title. It’s become so ingrained in our culture that we don’t really recognize the actual, individual words anymore, but I can’t think of a more generic moniker, particularly for a franchise that has spawned six movies (and an awful made-for-TV Christmas special, if you count that one), dozens of video games, countless books, and every possibly style of toy imaginable, an empire (pun!) rivaled only by KISS with franchising supersaturation.

The crazy part about it to me is that Star Wars exists in its own unique universe and reality, complete with original races, languages, planets, factions, religions, mythos, and on and on. Other than maybe The Lord of the Rings, I can’t think of another franchise that has been so completely created from the ground up, the product of and a testament to the genius and potential of the human mind.

And so, yes, I’ve become aware of how completely underwhelmed I am with this grandiose achievement’s title.

Star Wars.

Let’s put it this way: imagine if you could take the entirety of the Star Wars universe and put it underwater. Outer space becomes a vast sea, filled with countless races and adventures and the struggle between good and evil, but really nothing else changes, just the environment.

Now imagine if we called that Sea Fights.

Pretty stupid, huh?